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January 2, 2010
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Twisted Princess: Kida by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Kida by jeftoon01
SHE'S FINALLY DONE!!! Her Photoshop document was collecting digital dust but I finally got a chance to finish her! I hope you guys like her because I know I do. With every new princess I draw, it makes me want to go back and redo an older one but if I did that, I'd never finish haha.

Well anyway, the story behind my design for Kida is: As the Atlantis Discovery Team were saying their goodbyes and loading up their ship to return to the surface, Kida passed out while talking to Audrey. Milo and Dr. Sweet, as well as the rest of the crew, rush to her aid. They take her to the throne room and lay her down. Dr. Sweet proceeds to examine her but is unable to determine what could of caused her to lose consciousness. Suddenly, Kida's eyes open and glow an eerie blue light. Everyone stepped back as she rose to her feet. Her skin began to crack and peel and the eerie blue light began to radiate from the cracks. Milo ran to her but was knocked back by the energy surging from her body. He quickly retrieves the Shepherd's Journal and flips through it frantically trying to find what could possibly be happening to Kida. Milo froze in horror as he found a passage that contained the answer. The answer he wished wasn't true. Kida had been exposed to the power of the crystal for too long. The crystal was draining her of her life. And according to the journal, the crystal will continue to drain the host until there's nothing left, unless another life is sacrificed in its stead. The crew thought they contained the threat but it only subsided, taking over Kida from the inside. The crystal needed more life force and was drastically draining Kida of hers. She dropped to the ground and began coughing up blood. A couple Atlantian guards rushed to her side to assist her. As they helped her up, she threw one of the guards into the water. The other guard tried to restrain her, but she was too powerful. She turned and bit the guard and proceeded to devour his body. As she ate, the remnants of the guard's body withered and turned to dust. Kida looked at Milo and his team as they stared on in horror. She slowly picked herself up. Her eyes met Milo's and they began to glow more intensely. Milo and his team began to inch backwards as he tried to reason with her and calm her down. Kida let out a chilling growl as blood continued to drip from her mouth. They took another step back, but then Kida attacked....DUN DUN DUN!!!

Hahaha I ended on another cliffhanger. Well, I hope you guys like the story. Before I started drawing her, I always had the idea that she was going to be a cannibal of sorts. I don't know just seemed cool.
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TheGoldenMember123 Mar 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
No,no, don't worry Milo!
She just wants a kiss....!
I just love Kida! 
NO! I must know how the story ends
hlootoo Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
After all these years, I JUST now noticed Milo's glasses on the ground. XD
My ending: Milo offers up himself to the Crystel which exits Kida's body and enters his. Kida then awakens to see his frailer body waste away under the Crystels' influence. Desperate to save him, she and the others take him to the coffin fetish reserved for Kida's father and place his limp form inside. Suddenly, the fetish glows blindingly white and sinks into the ground. Milo's spirit is spread out throughout Atlantis, making him "one" with the city. Saddened because now theyll never truly be together, Kida finds Milo's glasses and crafts them into an ornament for her crown.
ok no she's my fav in this series
Oh no not Milo! 
Aw, come on, how does it end?
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