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January 11, 2012
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Twisted Princess: Maid Marian by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Maid Marian by jeftoon01
FINALLY!!!!!!! I know it’s been awhile but I finally managed to find enough time to finish my new Twisted Princess, Maid Marian!!!!!! I really hope you guys like her!

Story: Upon hearing that Friar Tuck had been captured and that Prince John planned on hanging him, Robin Hood and Little John set a plan in motion to rescue him as well as the other citizens of Nottingham. All seemed to be going according to plan until Robin Hood was confronted by the Sheriff of Nottingham. An epic sword battle ensued that lead throughout the castle. The Sheriff had Robin cornered but Robin made a quick escape into the moat surrounding the castle. The Sheriff ordered his archers to fire on Robin as he began swimming to shore where Little John and Maid Marian were waiting for him. Maid Marian called out to him and just as she did, an arrow pierced her love’s back. She screamed in horror and began to rush out towards him but was stopped by Little John who shielded her from an onslaught of arrows. Tears filled her eyes as she saw the life leave John’s eyes and his body slumped over in front of her. Her heart sank as her attempts to awaken Little John had failed. As she looked up she could see Robin crawling out of the moat with two arrows in his back. She rushed over to him to help assist him. He looked in her eyes and placed his hand on her cheek and smiled. And as he looked deeply in her eyes he said “I….love…..y—“…but before he could finish, an arrow fired from the castle flew by Marian’s face, scarring her eye and hitting Robin in the chest. She screamed and held him in her arms as a new rage and determination filled her heart. Friar Tuck noticed Marian and rushed to her aid and hurried her away from the shore before another volley of arrows was fired. Maid Marian, heartbroken and alone, vowed to avenge her fallen love. She took up Robin’s bow and sword as they would be the tools of her revenge…and she WILL have her revenge!
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EmStarSis2835 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is actually my favorite. I just love Maid Marian!
maggiepie95 5 days ago  New member
I love these!!
That's pretty sick! Well done!
Duuuude amazing
LilaBlack 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
But...what does that have to do with this picture?:O_o:
if it was a tv show, that would be its theme
Finished my costume based off this piece. I still have a couple things to tweak and need to get a better pic, but had to share.

Maid Marian - Twisted Princess version by mystaya171
EsmeraldaEmerald Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow! Looks fantastically badass! I love it so much :) Continuing the theme of bows and arrows - I can't wait to see Merida :D
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