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September 19, 2013
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Twisted Princess: Vanellope by jeftoon01 Twisted Princess: Vanellope by jeftoon01
BY ODIN'S BEARD!!!! After almost a year I FINALLY finished my newest entry in my Twisted Princess series...Vanellope Von Schweetz! I love Wreck-It Ralph immensely so I really wanted to make sure I got Vanellope right. Granted, the delay of her was due mostly to being insanely busy with work but it was also due to trying to get her design right. I finally managed to find some time to finish her! I really hope you guys like her!

Ralph and King Candy were fighting in the sky over Diet Cola Mountain when Ralph managed to break free of his grasp. Vanellope's heart stopped as she watched Ralph fall from a distance. She glitched across Sugar Rush, avoiding the horde of cy-bugs that have taken over the game. As Ralph plummeted to the summit of Diet Cola Mountain, King Candy commanded a swarm of cy-bugs that descended upon him. He managed to smash through the Mentos roof of the mountain just as the swarm attacked him. A few Mentos managed to make it into the boiling Diet Cola lava but not enough to trigger a full volcanic eruption since the swarm was able to shield most of the falling Mentos. The cy-bugs threw Ralph to the ground, sending him crashing through Vanellope’s home. She glitched into the mountain just in time to see Ralph stumble out of the debris as he was surrounded by cy-bugs. Ralph attempted to stand and immediately grabbed his side in pain and dropped to one knee. Ralph was pierced by a long candy cane shard. He grabbed the shard and pulled it out. He let out a howl that rang through the mountain. The cy-bugs began to attack. Ralph used the shard to stab the first cy-bug. The pain from the motion hurt so much that it caused Ralph to crumple to the ground. Just as the other cy-bugs were about to attack, Vanellope glitched to Ralph and then glitched through the mountain with him on the front of her kart. Vanellope was so happy to see Stinkbrain but her celebration was short lived when she noticed how hurt Ralph was. She needed to get Ralph to Felix so he could heal him. They glitched back to the Sugar Rush entrance that was barely being held by Sergeant Calhoun and Felix. Calhoun ran out of ammo and heaved her pistol at the nearest cy-bug. Her and Felix were backing up into the Game Central Station tunnel until they noticed Vanellope carrying a mortally injured Ralph. Felix rushed back out into the game just as a cy-bug snapped at him and got a hold of his belt. Calhoun rushed out and roundhoused the cy-bug off the bridge as it tore Felix’s belt from his waist along with his magic hammer. He reached out for it as it fell but it was out of his grasp. Calhoun grabbed him and then rolled back into the tunnel. The bridge was completely overrun. Vanellope manages glitched over the horde as Ralph noticed that the cy-bugs were about to enter the tunnel with no way for Calhoun and Felix to stop them. Ralph looked back at Vanellope and smiled and a lone tear ran down her face. She knew what Ralph was about to do. Ralph leapt from the cart and came down on the bridge just in front of the tunnel entrance, shattering the bridge and connecting wall and sending himself and all the cy-bugs plummeting to the valley below. Vanellope let out a cry of despair and chased after him. When she got to the bottom of the canyon the cy-bugs were swarming over Ralph. She saw his hand reaching out of the swarm but his hand became lifeless and fell back in. The cy-bugs all seemed to stop and then all turned around and looked at her. They started to approach slowly and then the horde parted, revealing a monstrous plaid cy-bug with a glowing heart on its head that said “You’re My Hero”. Vanellope slammed her hand on the steering wheel and cried out Ralph’s name. The plaid cy-bug raised it’s head and then let out a menacing howl that sounded like “WRECK IT!”. And then suddenly charged at Vanellope. She quickly shifted the cart into gear, gunned the engine, whipped the cart around, and took off in the opposite direction. As she raced through the valley she noticed the candy walls cracking from Ralph smashing the bridge. Huge boulders of rock candy began to fall all around her. Each one, only inches away from wrecking her kart. She glanced behind her to see that the plaid cy-bug was right on her tail and snapping at her. She turned back around and looked up and narrowly avoided a giant boulder that ended up crushing the plaid cy-bug, sending it’s head sailing in front of her. She slammed on the brakes and drifted to a stop. All the rock candy from the avalanche settled and all that could be heard was the distant buzzing of the cy-bugs. She got out of her cart and walked toward the head of the cy-bug. She dropped to her knees and placed her hand on it. Her heart was heavy and her eyes filled with tears as she gritted her teeth. She picked up the head of the cy-bug and placed it on her kart. She ran her fingers over the heart on the cy-bug’s head and under her breath said “King Candy will pay for this!”…

So she pretty much becomes a road warrior that gathers the remaining inhabitants of Sugar Rush to battle King Candy and his cy-bug army haha.

EDIT: In case people were curious as to why Ralph didn't turn into a cy-bug version of himself like King Candy wass because he died before he was consumed. I always figured that if a character is alive when they're eaten their code will be more dominant than that of the cy-bug, but should the character already be dead, the cy-bug's code would be more dominant and take over. It made sense to me.
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Sugar Rush: Rabid Rebel Racing

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Please do Jenny from Oliver and Company! Have her with Tito with fangs and red eyes with blue electricity around him. And then Roscoe and Desoto snarling. And draw her in her birthday dress, torn with the ribbons blowing in the wind! And please add a full moon and the city as a background! Come on I insist, she'd look beautiful. 
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Definitely one of my favorite animated characters.
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I just cry over this I love it
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