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JullezArt Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
cool art style great gallery 
xXEm-033Xx Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student General Artist
awesome concepts and work !! 
keep at it :D
InkiYumemiruHito Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
When can we expect the newest disney princess to make an appearance. Anna and Elsa would make and interesting addition to the series. =^w^=
BizzarroYnospito Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Alguien vive aquí?
WarPixie Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
You sir, are FANTASTIC. Your talent is what brought me to this site. I implore you to keep doing this voodoo that you do so well! ;) Rock on man!
Nikkorien Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
I hope you'll add to the twisted princesses. It'd be cool if you added kairi from kingdom hearts as well.
megyssis Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Student Writer
You twisted princess drawing are awesome please do more
InnocentKenya Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
You're artwork gave me shivers and made me squeal!
I liked the Planet Hulk one, it's a great contrast!

Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to see a Vida Twisted Fairy one day inchallah >…<
ewok41882 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
I wish you had product for sale I'd buy the twisted Princess mural an a couple others
mayrose101 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Artist
please do anna and elsa!!! i'm dying to see what they're like!
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